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Committed to a proactive communications system
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The Greenville Eastern North Carolina (ENC) Alliance works to inform the community, businesses, and site selectors by engaging in a proactive communications system. Our not-for-profit organization, a public-private partnership focused on economic development, recognizes that one of the most effective ways to communicate our mission is through the local, regional, and national news media.


Inquiries from the news media are given a high priority by the Greenville ENC Alliance. All requests should be made directly to Maria Satira, the Director of Marketing and Communications. These will be responded to as quickly and efficiently as possible, within reason. Our organization will make every effort to meet media deadlines and to ensure all information that is released is relevant and accurate.

Expectations for Media:

Media outlets can expect:

  • A confirmation (via email or text) that your request was received if made during a normal business day
  • A response/answer on the same business day or next business day unless the request requires significant research and/or coordination
  • Additional resources and information if applicable

We expect the following of media outlets and the public:

  • Make all requests directly through the Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Lead time. While we know it is not always possible, the earlier you can make an interview request the better for our scheduling, coordination, and preparation.
  • Let us know your deadline and format of request (phone interview/video call/in-person/etc.)
  • Let us know your story topic and angle so we can gather the appropriate details


Unless otherwise authorized, the official spokespersons for the Greenville ENC Alliance are:

  • President
  • Vice President of Business Development
  • Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Chair of the Board of Directors

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