National Business Women’s Week: Kellie Brown

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GREENVILLE, North Carolina (October 21, 2020) – A serious car accident five years ago changed the life of Greenville native Kellie Brown in more than one way.

“I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur or owning a business. Not once. But these therapies changed my life,” said Brown, co-owner of Advantage Therapy Solutions. The clinic specializes in light therapy services which offer non-invasive pain relief, rehabilitation, and overall wellness.

In 2015, the married mother of three was hit by a drunk driver. It left her with little range of motion in her neck, arthritis, and constant pain. She turned to whole body light therapy in Goldsboro.

“In just a few months, I had no pain,” said Brown. “Being so debilitated and recovering with no side effects and being able to get off pain medication. It’s so exciting to be able to think about using that form of therapy in so many different ways.”

She partnered with Dr. Mathew Wilding in 2017 to bring this type of therapy to Greenville because she knew how many people could benefit. Brown, who has a background in Neurologic Music Therapy, received training and certification from the Rocky Mountain Laser College in photobiomodulation safety and implementation. Now, Advantage Therapy Solutions is one of the only light therapy clinics in the nation that specializes solely on light therapy.

“We’re learning to be on the cutting edge of brain conditions and protocols, as well as mental illness and sports injuries. We just developed a new frozen shoulder protocol based on new literature,” said Brown.

With a dozen employees, Brown hopes to continue growing. She credits their success to her knowledgeable and dedicated team. Employees focus on different specialties like research, therapy, nutrition, and marketing. The staff members have backgrounds with medicine, research, and science.

“It’s beneficial to have someone who can go deep into the studies and develop protocols quickly and understand the mechanism as much as learning what different muscle groups do what,” said Brown.

Brown lived in several cities across the state before returning to Greenville. She knew the Pitt County community was where she wanted to put down roots and raise her children.

“I love Greenville. Greenville is doing big things with small town integrity,” said Brown. “Greenville is the best place to raise a family and we’re thrilled to be here.”

While she never imagined she’d open a business - let alone in her hometown - Brown says it’s one of the best decisions she ever made. She’s honored to be part of this thriving and lively business community.

“People live in such a selfless manner. They want to support each other,” said Brown. “I even had a physician pay for treatments for one of his patients. You see things like that all the time in Greenville.”

Follow along with Brown and the Advantage Therapy Solutions team on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


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