Minges Bottling Group announces expansion, breaks ground on new facility

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After several years of continued product innovation, broadening beverage categories and growing consumer demands, Minges Bottling Group expands its footprint and capabilities in eastern North Carolina.

The local Pepsi-Cola franchise announced a new state-of-the-art facility which is expected to be 223,375 square feet and will include a massive new warehouse, administrative and sales offices, space for vending repair and a 3 bay fleet maintenance shop. The Minges Bottling Group broke ground on the new facility on April 18, 2023, coinciding with the company’s centennial celebration, marking 100 years in the beverage industry in eastern North Carolina.

The need for a new facility became inevitable as the company experienced continued growth and expansion over the past 20 years.

“This growth came fast and furious in the form of brand diversification, not only in the carbonated soft drinks category, but also in the hydration, isotonic and ready to drink coffee categories” said Landon Minges, VP of Operations. “Consumer demand for brand extensions and new flavors has compounded the need for additional space.”

Additionally, a recent distribution model change was implemented by PepsiCo allowing franchise bottlers to deliver all Gatorade products directly to large format and supermarket segments of the business. This change alone will increase the company’s distribution volume by 800,000+ cases annually. Ultimately, this was the catalyst that challenged the Minges family and the board of directors to make the decision to build the new facility.

“In an ever-changing environment we need to be forward thinking and in a full distribution mindset, looking 20-30 years down the road” Miles Minges, VP of Sales and Marketing said. “Adding Gatorade to our trucks will mark a true test for us here at Minges Bottling Group, allowing us to max out our orders to be more efficient.   We are excited about the opportunity and ready to hit the ground running!”

Minges Bottling Group currently employs 230 individuals across it’s thirteen county territory in Eastern North Carolina. As a result of the increased volume and continued brand diversification, the company will hire an additional 23 employees, ranging from warehouse load teams, sales delivery drivers, customer sales representatives and support staff.  

“I am extremely proud that our family has stayed united and strong for 100 years,” said Jeff Minges, President and CEO. “We continue to build this legacy in the soft drink business, as we now transition into fourth-generation ownership and executive leadership. This new facility gives us the opportunity to continue to grow, while allowing us stay true to our mission of investing in the communities we serve in Eastern North Carolina.”

Minges Bottling Group is a family owned and operated Pepsi-Cola franchise located in Ayden, North Carolina. The company has been distributing soft drinks and other beverages in Eastern North Carolina for 100 years.