Greenville ENC Alliance launches transportation survey

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The Greenville ENC Alliance released a survey that will poll the business community on their transportation and connectivity needs.

As our organization looks to support Greenville-Pitt County industries and businesses – as well as their employees – we created a survey to gather important information on how companies and individuals currently utilize air service, highways, and other logistics.

"Expanding reliable air service will be a determining factor on how well our economy will perform over the next decade and beyond," said Josh Lewis, CEcD, president and CEO of the Greenville ENC Alliance. "We are very interested in capturing robust public participation in order to support our business case for attracting additional air service."

The data collected from this survey will be used to identify opportunities for future growth in terms of air service and other connectivity. It will also be shared with Pitt Greenville Airport (PGV) to use during presentations to airlines for potential expansion and development.

“This is information directly from the community that can be provided to airlines which will support our endeavors in attracting air service that best serves the community,” said Bill Hopper, executive director for PGV. “Airlines have access to countless data sources, but this is one that they can’t get on their own, so this research is extremely helpful when they make decisions on where their airplanes should go.”

We ask that the Greenville-Pitt County business community as well as members of the public who travel for business or leisure take a few minutes to share their feedback with us.

“We enjoy a great relationship with the Greenville ENC Alliance as we partner together to grow air service and the overall economy,” added Hopper.

The survey was developed in partnership with the ECU Center for Survey Research and was open through early August.