Greenville ENC Alliance Funds Marketing Effort for Bethel

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The recently formed Greenville ENC Alliance has approved a grant to help one of the region’s towns. The Town of Bethel will use the $7,000 to help pay for marketing efforts for their community.

Bethel Mayor Gloristine Brown said, “We are so grateful for this help and appreciate that this alliance is truly looking out for all of Pitt County. Members of the alliance talked early on about the need for everyone to work together and help each other out. This just proves that everyone is committed to helping all of the members of the alliance.”

“From the beginning, this partnership has clearly talked about how the secret to our region’s success lies with everyone coming together,” said Greenville ENC Alliance Board Chair Michael Overton. “That means public and private entities as well as all of the communities in Pitt County. This grant is significant in that it shows the first action by this alliance is to help one of the smaller towns in the county. When they succeed, we all succeed.”

Bethel plans to use the funds to hire someone to prepare marketing strategy, improve the Town’s website, and establish a social media presence for the Town. The goal is to implement the first steps of their economic development strategy to attract potential service providers to the town. The

The Greenville ENC Alliance was formally established on July 1, 2019. Its members come from both the public and private sectors throughout Pitt County. The Alliance has a five-year plan to focus on:

  • Attracting new businesses to locate in the Greenville region
  • Help existing businesses grow here
  • Create more industrial sites and buildings
  • Develop a workforce that’s ready to meet the needs of current and future businesses
  • Providing community benefit by creating more job opportunities
  • Build a stronger relationship between our legislators and businesses and successful advocacy for the Greenville region’s business needs


Media Relations Contact: Maria Satira
Director of Marketing and Communications
Greenville - Eastern North Carolina Alliance