Celebrating Economic Developers in our Community: Kathy Howard

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As part of National Economic Development Week, the Greenville Eastern North Carolina (ENC) Alliance is celebrating the experienced economic developers in our community. These professionals are committed to bringing economic prosperity and growth to the Greenville, Pitt County, and eastern North Carolina areas.

The Greenville ENC Alliance works closely with the business development and key accounts team at Greenville Utilities Commission (GUC). Kathy Howard, business development specialist with GUC, provides superior utility service to customers and prospective customers. She has more than 20 years of experience in economic development and community development. In a Q&A style blog, Kathy shares details about her journey in economic development, what brought her to GUC, and why she's passionate about this profession.

Q: Why did you decide to pursue a career in economic development?
I began my career in a regional organization doing research and communications. This is where I decided I wanted to continue in economic development and community development. Promoting eastern North Carolina became a passion for me.

Q: What is your most memorable project or accomplishment?
There are so many memorable projects and being able to work projects from different perspectives, state, local, and regional are some of the best challenges. I will always remember the accomplishments of bringing together many partners and initiatives for various programs in eastern North Carolina. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with so many experienced professionals. I am now in a role that I find so exciting. While challenging, I have learned so much. I recently completed the American Public Power Association’s Key Account Certification program. Going through that process during the COVID-19 pandemic was definitely an accomplishment and a memorable experience!

Q: How did you get to your current position?
I previously worked in local,regional, and state roles. A colleague, from another part of North Carolina,reached out to me when they heard about my current position with GUC and asked if I would be interested. It was a perfect fit for me! It uses my experience in existing industry, economic development, and community partnerships. In this position, they’re all rolled into one. The most exciting part is that I am on the ground, working for the community where I live. I enjoy focusing on these local efforts.

Q: What is your favorite part about working in economic development in Pitt County?
The partnerships, the people, persistence, and the sustained effort of the community to want to continue to grow in a way that is great for Pitt County and eastern North Carolina.

Q: What do you want the community to know about economic development and your work?
Every day I work to help not only our current customers, but potential customers. I work closely with all the economic development partners and community development initiatives in Pitt County. Our team works to fulfill requests and needs of clients that most don’t see. There are so many levels and extensive efforts that go into just getting a client to visit your location. The hard work is definitely worthwhile.

Join the Greenville ENC Alliance in celebrating #EconDevWeek on social media by following the handle @GreenvilleENCA on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,YouTube, and LinkedIn. Local economic developer profiles will be added each day online at www.encalliance.com/news. To learn more about National Economic Development Week hosted by the International Economic Development Council, visit the organization online at www.iedconline.org/edw.


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